Tuesday, June 18, 2024

    This is a compilation of the   enquiries   frequently asked by potential investors willing to invest in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We hope the answers provided herein, in addition to the policy issues, would assist parties, and provide them to have access to a package of comprehensive information in respect of the legal framework for admission of investments and the manner to obtain the relevant Investment License. You may find certain questions which do not necessarily have any direct relevance with Foreign Investment as a whole ,but in light of the need for preparing a multipurpose source of information, we have tried to compile a variety of likely inquiries to respond to any question relating to doing business in Iran.Obviously , those investors who may need more detailed information on any subject , are recommended to refer to other OIETAI publications and guides;or if they wishthey may communicate directly or have meetings with the OIETAI staff who are in a position to welcome them by providing answers to any other question which is not addressed in this guide as well .Readers are kindly recommended to refer to the table of content before searching the answers to their questions in each chapter:

{Chapter I - General Information}
{Chapter II - Foreign Investment Promotion And Protection Act(FIPPA)}
{Chapter III - Admissions System}
{Chapter IV - Foreign Capital}
{Chapter V - Foreign Exchange Transfers}
{Chapter VI - Tax and Customs Issues}
{Chapter VII -Tax and Customs Facilities and Exemptions }
{Chapter VIII - Entry and Residence Facilities}
{Chapter IX - Miscellaneous}
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