Thursday, November 30, 2023

Investment Capabilities

Hamadan in many ways is considered as a good place for investment and business. This area is unique because of its capabilities and talents in the fields of industry, agriculture, tourism and handicrafts. Some of its most important features that lead to the creation of investment in the province are as follows:

1-  Presence of numerous tourists' attractions and also a unique nature.

2-  Existence of different hills and ancient works remained from different people.

3-  Existence of holy prophets, scientists, and poets' mausoleum of different people.

4-  Roofed and old market place and also unique occupations.

5- Variety of handicrafts in Hamedan province.

6-  Existence of manpower looking for jobs.

7-  Existence of university and technical centers to ensure specialized manpower.

8- Necessity of building solar power plants, by considering the lack of water supply in Hamedan province. (Against calorific power plants).

9- Investment possibilities for, gas lines and transferring channels, and also establishing (installing) gas stations and embranchments.

10-  70% exemption for the gas transferring line prices,30% exemptions for the gas pressure reduction price for consumption over 1000 cubic meter per hour, and also monthly installments; 20% down payment and the rest 80% during 24 to 36 months.

11-  Existance of gas transferring channels from south to west of Iran for petrochemical industries.

12-  Existance of highways, around 900 kilometers paved roads in Hamedan province, passing two railroads from south east and east of Hamedan province to west part of Iran,(maximum) for two years later.

13-  Located on air corridor and its role and supplying security and guiding airplanes.

14-  Existance of special economic area and its advantages.

15-  Existence of Back Bon Telecommunication for Hamedan province for improving IT activities.

16-  Making use of equal possibilities and facilities in comparison with internal investors.

17-  Existance of important genetic reserves like: wheat, alfafa, walnut, potato, and many herbal species.

18-  Producing over 4.5 million tons, of agricultural products, nearly 40% of these productions are surplus to Hamedan province requirements, and they will be exported or will be consumed in different parts of Iran.

19-  Existance of rich meadows and producing provender, has equipped Hamedan province for existence of 4.6 million cattle. In addition to food usages, relatd industries like leather and Salambor and other changing industries will benefit.

20-  Existance of technical laboratories and agricultural research centers, mechanization companies and veterinary clinics; are part of infrastructure for boosting the products of this sector.

21-  Existance of mother industries like: Steel, cement, and petrochemical in Hamedan province and the possibility of activity in the other subgroups.

22-  Existance of over 22 kinds of mineral substances, that most of them are unique in Iran.

23-  Existance of over 1400 active producing units in Hamedan province is a pre and post link for new industries.

24-  Existance of 10 active industrial parks.

25-  Existance of young population in Hamedan province and their housing needs, and increasing housing prices during recent years and … has accelerated housing market activities.

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